A Customer, What Should You Focus On When It Comes To Product Visualisation?

Delivering customer needs is precisely the motto of every 3d visualisation and visualisation company. Since there are many software available today and many companies sprouting, making your choice can be a little tough. But making the tough decision at the beginning could save a lot of time and money for you. As a customer,

  • Start off by fixing a demo with the product team to understand benefits and limitations
  • Clarify your uncertainties if you are new to this technology.
  • If you plan to work with the team, ensure you get to know the team and their work before signing the contract.
  • Be in touch with the product team throughout, to understand how this could benefit your business.
  • Update your requirements when and where required throughout the development process.
  • Make sure the final product is not just pleasant to the eyes but holds higher value to your actual product.

Grow your business while working!

3d Rendering – A Creative Process Of Producing An Image From Three Dimensional Data

3d Architectural rendering lights and stages scenes and produces images which is similar to a regular photography or cinematography. However, these scenes and photographs are imaginary which is created in a computer before it is rendered. This process produces an image based on three dimensional data which is already stored in a computer. It thus gives a very high scope to creativity where there is no limit to one’s imagination .One has full control of what to produce on the scene and how to depict it
Here’s a video of basic modeling for you to start of.

Professionals create the scene through modelling and animation before rendering them. The three dimensional data could be a complete scene like geometric models of a building, objects, landscapes or also some animate characters. An artist could either give it a real look by simulating lightening, shadows, colour or atmosphere or keep it abstract and make it appear as a painting. This is the artist’s personal choice.

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